Design is Our Middle Name

We farm in our spare time, and there are no more innovative people on the planet than farmers.  With our engineering backgrounds, we know how to make tools that work.  We have always pushed the boundaries of design, from a 20 foot wingspan kite made from plastic sheeting and bamboo, to a 10 foot trebuchet for pumpkin chunkin’.  We design things for fun, and for work.  Some innovative creations came about when John shattered his right ankle in 2016.  Instead of sitting idle, within days he had designed and built hand controls for the car so he wasn’t stuck sitting at home.  He also designed a knee-crutch, similar to the i-walk, only better.  Here area few pictures of some of our more recent design projects:

Pill Counter

Pill Counter with optical recognition camera on top, light table as landing pad, pill chute in front, and bar code reader on right.



This is a pill counter that RRCI designed, programmed for optical recognition, and fabricated.  The pill counter includes a tipping tray with handy pill bottle-sized dispenser.  A UPC code reader was later added to make this a complete one-station system.  It works beautifully.  Our client was very pleased.






Knee Crutch 

Knee crutch



Knee scooters weren’t the answer because they require use of hands to hold the ‘handlebars’, they weren’t easy to turn when working in the shop, and they don’t work well in the rough terrain of our farm.  He found the I-Walk online, and thought he could do a better job, so he came up with this (pictured left).

The crew had a great time designing and fabricating it and it enabled John to return to work much faster.

Fully Adjustable Keyboard Stand (Standing and Sitting)

That’s one sturdy keyboard stand!



John struggled with rickety one-position keyboard stands for years.  To solve the problem, he designed a stand that was lightweight, collapsible, sturdy, height-adjustable, and tilt-able to accommodate the different hand positions between standing and sitting.